Foundations for a successful enterprise

  1. Faithfulness with little (Stewardship)
    The bible tells a story of a master who entrusted some money to his servants while he went away on a journey.  Some of his servants invested the money to earn a profit, while one servant buried the money in the ground and it did not earn a profit.  When the master returned, he was very pleased with the servants who had earned him a profit and put them in charge of many things.  However, he was very angy at the servant who did not use the money to earn a profit, and he took away even the little he had, to give to the other servants.This story illustrates that when we are faithful with even the little we have we gain more.  If we are not faithful we experience loss.  If you are faithful with the land you have, even a small piece, and steward it well, you will reap a good reward.
  2. Giving unselfishly
    It is a universal law that the more you give into something, the more you will receive.  We cannot expect the land to give us a harvest if we have not given to it with some sort of fertilization.  Our farming enterprise will become more profitable the more we give of our time, energy & extra effort.

If you are willing to be a good steward, giving of all the resources you have available to you into your farming enterprise, you can become one of the best farmers in the world!