October Grassroot Trainers’ Report


My hobbies are reading books, hunting, fishing, and playing various sports such as soccer or volley ball. I enjoy sharing stories with my friends.

In our fields there was plenty to do this month, I cut grass with my colleagues for mulching our fields, dug our plots, and also removed visible stones from our plots. Everything needs to shine and be done at a high standard! I also helped to collect dry and green material for composting, and planted maize into our first plot on the 20th of October. I also removed all the old permanent pegs in our plots and replaced them with new ones. At the end of the month I was also involved in planting maize on one of our demonstration plots, plot 12 (This demonstration plot is designed to show the results of early planting).

We also made two trips into our nearby community of Domboshava, where my colleagues and I, helped two wonderful old widows prepare their fields for planting. We visited Gogo Chiriodza on the 23rd of October where we dug planting stations in her field. Then on the 30th October we assisted Gogo Chaonza to prepare her plot also.

The team was very busy this month with a Basic Conservation Agriculture training in the second week then a big school teacher’s training in the last week. We also had a Pfumvudza training every Tuesday. I participated in one of these Pfumvudza sessions which was led by Mighty France on the 29th of October. I did the Well Watered Garden and Tour of Plots.